Bella Brides offers mobile artists who can come to you wherever you are. We work on-location to make certain that your wedding is the best that it can be. Only the finest makeup is used so it stays on for hours. When you put them on, you will have a fresh, natural appearance.

Bridal Airbrushing
Airbrush artists will give your skin a natural appearance. Traditional makeup is applied on the skin. With airbrushing, a spray of microdots is used. By placing it on the skin, pore exaggeration is prevented. Airbrushing allows the skin to breathe. This is also more hygienic. Airbrushing is a better concealer compared to the usual methods. This gives you a fresh, natural look. With an airbrushed look, your skin will appear flawless even with HD cameras. Airbrush makeup can last for 12 to 24 hours. It is of course sanitary because none of the components make contact with your skin. For many though, its most attractive feature is the ability to match different skin tones. The artists at Bella Brides can combine colours to produce a customised foundation. The coverage is full, but it doesn’t have the harsh and heavy feel you might expect. And of course, end result is flawless skin.