Hair Styling

Bella Brides offers you complete control over your hairstyle. For the hair trials, you just need to bring yourself. You also need to bring some photos of accessories and hairstyles that you want and if you can’t make up your mind, don’t worry. We will be happy to discuss the different styles that will suit you best.

Hair extension services are available if you need them. In addition, there are clip-in extensions and hairpieces. Your stylist can also advice you what head piece to don. You can have your hair curled, straight, down or up-style. Each style can be fine-tuned. For instance, your curly hair can be tightened or softened.

Our hairstylist also offers bridal hair and makeup advice to match your wedding gown. Whether it is modern, strapless or classic, you will have the hair and makeup to match. All accessories are factored in including whether you wear a headpiece or not. Short, medium or long hair, everything is covered.