Money Back Guarantee

Bella Brides 100% Guarantee

Bella Brides offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for hair and makeup trials which is subject to conditions. 
Our aim is your 100% satisfaction. With this in mind we offer you a full, money back guarantee for your hair and makeup trial. If, in the unlikely event, you are not 100% happy with your trial, and you express this at the time of your trial, we will arrange another, complimentary, trial. If you are still not 100% happy, we will refund your trial fee AND your booking deposit. However, this guarantee has the following conditions:
  • A full booking deposit MUST have been paid prior to the initial trial.
  • You MUST express your dissatisfaction at the time of both the initial and subsequent trials. If you rely on a friend’s or family member’s opinion, they must be present at the trial to offer their opinion.
  • If you express your dissatisfaction, your hairstyle will be brushed out and any makeup will be removed. No photographs of your hair and makeup will be allowed.
  • This guarantee only applies to the bride.
  • The guarantee does not apply where the bride cannot make her mind up about a style or look and where no visual direction has been given to the stylist i.e. no pictures of desired look have been supplied.