Bella Brides Trial Preparation

Be ready for your trial…

This is a guide to help you. It details what suits us at Bella Brides, it may not be suitable for other suppliers.

  • It is great if you have a trial and get to know us before your wedding but a trial isn’t compulsory. We do have many brides who don’t have trials for various reasons – living in another country, interstate or want to save money. We don’t mind.
  • Please have your hair clean and 100% dry. Needs to washed the day before or the morning of your trial. If you can, let it air dry and only use strong hold mousse. No other products please.
  • If you have any allergies or sensitivities to products, please let your artist know before they start.
  • Please bring a lipstick you’d like to wear. We do have lipsticks but it is easier for you if you have the exact colour and type you are after.
  • Have your face clean and fresh. Have any waxing, threading or tanning done at least a week before the trial.
  • This is really important – We need to have an idea of what you’d like and what look you are going for. Bring inspiration photos of a hairstyle and makeup look that you like. When looking for inspo photos, try looking for photos with similar hair and skin colour as yours. Only bring a couple – not too many different looks. You might get confused! If you can’t find just one photo of a hairstyle you like, you can have the front of one and the back of
    another to make it easier to show us what you like
  • The trial appointment is for one hairstyle and for one makeup look. We can make slight changes for you. If you are wanting to try two completely different styles then we would need to book a longer time and it will be extra. We allow an hour for hair and an hour for makeup. If you need longer then it would be $50 per 30 mins thereafter.
  • At the trial we don’t use a lot of hairspray as we might need to make changes. The trial is more about the look you are wanting and not for it to last long. We like to make sure you are happy with the look. On your wedding day we spray more as we go to make sure your style lasts. If you have a clear photo of exactly what you’d like then we can make it last longer.If you have decided on your dress, bring a photo of it so the artist can see what the style and neckline are like.
  • Bring any accessories that you will be wearing in your hair e.g. headpieces and veil. If you haven’t decided on these yet then we can help you with the range we have in our salon.
  • Please wear a top that is as close to the same colour as your wedding dress as possible so you can see if your trial look is suitable.
  • If you and your wedding party would like to have trials for your hens’ night we can do a special package for you. We can go to your hotel, home or airbnb. This can be a lot of fun. We have a minimum number of people we go out for.
  • We aren’t normally available on Saturday mornings for trials as this is our main day for weddings.
  • Please only book a trial when you know what you’d like.

Money Back Guarantee

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