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Wedding Day Tips

Hanging out with your wedding party before the ceremony is a memorable part of the day. There are lots of coffees, Red Bulls or mimosas to drink, grazing platters to have. Selfies and boomerangs to take but you can’t forget about the main event; getting your wedding day hair and makeup done. On your wedding day, you want the best because your hair and makeup is in every photo of you on your wedding day. Your wedding day isn’t just a typical hair appointment or makeover session.

Between working with amazing artists and getting ready with the entire wedding party, there will be a lot going on. To help avoid any extra stress, we’ve put together a list of all the things we think you’ll need to know when it comes to getting your wedding day hair and makeup done by us.

We created this to help with frequently asked questions.

Before your wedding day…

  • Keep yourself hydrated in the lead up to the wedding by drinking plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep the day before the wedding. While it’s tempting to stay up late drinking champagne with your tribe, this is very dehydrating on your skin.
  • Having a thorough day and night skincare routine is so important at least 3-6 months before the wedding to ensure your skin is ready for the big day! It will help with how makeup looks and stays on the skin throughout the day.
  • Any allergies must be made known to us prior to appointment.Bella Brides can not be held responsible for any reactions, damages or sensitivities that may occur during or after a service.
  • Be organised. Discuss with your photographer the time that you need to be ready by, and tell us. We will work backwards from that time and give you our start time. On average an artist will need 45 mins to an hour for make-up and 60 mins for hair. Your photographer will usually want you ready to start taking photos 2 hours before your ceremony.
  • A lot of photographers recommend us because they know we know how important it is to have you ready on time.
  • Preparing for you wedding day hair and makeup…

  • To ensure the day runs smoothly and on time, please ensure all ladies are at the location and ready at the time agreed.
  • Everyone needs to have clean, 100% dry hair. Washed day before or morning of your wedding. Two really good shampoos and minimal conditioner is ideal. Please don’t straighten or put in plaits or any oils or treatments. Left to naturally dry is the best. If you or anyone is having hair down in waves or curls then please put some strong hold mousse (not conditioning) in your hair.
  • Please have teeth brushed, faces clean and moisturised. Contacts in. Don’t use anything with sunscreen. If you are unsure then just ask us..
  • Each person needs to be prepared by having any inspiration pictures for hair and make-up or any pictures taken from a trial.
  • Have any hair pins, head pieces, touch up lipstick/gloss, powder and anything else you need.
  • Your artists will need adequate table or bench space to set their equipment up on as well as access to power. Natural daylight is also preferable for your make-up application. A lot of the time we set up on the dining room table or if you have a trestle table set up near natural light. Have everything done you need to do so you are ready for us when we need you. We will need a chair per artist.
  • If there are stairs, we will need help taking our bags upstairs then back down.
  • If getting ready in a hotel, we will need parking at the hotel you are getting ready at.
  • We don’t have any specific order we do everyone. The only person we try to do second last for hair or makeup and last for the other service is the bride. We like to do yours closer to the end unless you prefer to be done earlier.
  • It is great to have an air-conditioned place in summer. We do prefer to work inside so the breeze doesn’t blow things around.
  • It is important to have something organised for you all to eat as it is a long day. Most weddings have a cheese platter, sandwiches and things easy to snack on during the morning.
  • Please have everything ready for your photographer so when we have you you dont need to jump up and get anything. We like to make sure you are ready on time.
    We hope you found this helpful. Remember, at the end of your day you are marrying the love of your life and that is all that matters.



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