Bella Brides Booking Terms


To secure a booking a booking fee is required as described on the supplied invoice. The fee is deducted from the total cost of the booking.

  • Booking fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to; situations where the booking and/or wedding is cancelled due to personal relationship breakdown, financial reasons, family situations or unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to; health pandemics, changes to regulations, health warnings, weather events, travel limitations, venue closures.
  • Your booking date is not secure until a booking fee has been received. No dates will be held without a booking fee.
  • Bookings are based on the information provided so please be as accurate as possible. Following the booking fee payment, invoices will not be reduced. If a member of your party cancels, you are welcome to replace them with somebody else.


One pre-wedding trial for the Bride is included in the package price. Although a trial is not mandatory, Bella Brides highly recommend clients to have one. If a client chooses not to have a trial there will be no time at the event to make changes and the artists will have to be given an inspiration photograph and clear directions and instructions by the client.

Bella Brides will invite you to book your trial four months prior to your wedding date. Trials are for use before the wedding. If a trial is cancelled by the Bride within 7 days of the scheduled appointment, the trial will be forfeited. If a trial is unable to be attended prior to the wedding, Bella Brides is under no obligation to offer the trial following completion of the wedding.  

Trials are only available Tuesday to Thursday, due to our busy schedule serving existing Brides. Trials outside of these select days are not possible.  

Early start fee:

If you request a start prior to 7am, an early start fee may apply.


Payment for any service is due one month before the service date and must be cleared into Bella Brides’ account within this time unless other arrangements have been made with Bella Brides. If payment has not cleared within this time, Bella Brides will not provide services.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a cancellation the following terms apply for the notice periods:

  • More than 90 days Non-refundable booking fee is forfeit
  • Less than 90 days 50% of the full service fee is payable
  • Less than 2 weeks 100% of the full service fee is payable

Prices per service are subject to change if there is a change in the number of services required.
Cancellation of any booking must be communicated in writing, by email and will only be confirmed upon receipt of this. The complete booking fee will be retained by Bella Brides regardless of notice or reason given, due to administration and potential loss of other bookings caused by allocating your booking.

Date changes (COVID-19 affected weddings)

Bella Brides will transfer any booking fee and monies paid to a new date on one occasion only if there is availability. In the event of no availability, any money paid over and above the booking fee will be refunded.

Health and Safety

Bella Brides is not, under any circumstances, responsible for any allergic reactions to products used. The onus is on the client to give advance notification to Bella Brides if you or any of your group/wedding party have particular hypersensitivity that you are aware of.


Fees of up to $100 per hour may apply where the client causes a delay in the service delivery.

Artists’ requirements

Adequate work space with a table and access to power points and suitable lighting is required by Bella Brides’ artists.

Additional Artist

If you request a later start and thus require a second artist in order to be ready on time, an extra fee will apply.

Bridal Touch Up Kit

One touch up kit will be given to the Bride for all weddings where the booking fee is paid on or after 15 June 2022. Items will vary and at the discretion of your professional artist. Not redeemable for cash.

Parking fees

Clients will be responsible for paying artist’s parking fees where applicable or for arranging for parking for artists at the same hotel if getting ready at a hotel.

Travel fee

Bella Brides may charge a travel fee and this will be indicated on the invoice.

Additional Charges

Clients will be responsible for paying for any non-standard travel fees e.g. ferry transfers, air fares etc. for Bella Brides artists. If a secondary location is required part way through an event, a travel and setup fee may apply.

All terms and conditions may be subject to change. Payment of a booking fee constitutes acceptance of these terms.



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